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Project Management Dream Job

Get the PROJECT MANAGEMENT JOB you've been dreaming about!

Even if you've NEVER been a Project Manager before!

Project Management Dream Job is your step-by-step guide to getting an amazing Project Management job!

This is EVERYTHING you need to...

  • Find hidden opportunities others don't know about!
  • Make your resume stand out so they know you're PERFECT for the role!
  • Win them over in the interview! 

This is your toolbox for everything you need to get your next - or first - amazing project management job.

Use these tools again and again - every time you plan a move to a new Project Management role.

34 Lessons

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Module 0: Welcome

Welcome to the Course!

Welcome to the Course!

Module 1: Project Management Basics

Welcome to Module 1 Video

How to use the information in this module and what we'll cover

5 Phases of the Project Management Lifecycle

Project Management lifecycle phases

Project Management Roles & Responsibilities

Know what a project manager does so you're ready with your resume, and ready for the job

PM Methodologies: Waterfall and Agile

Understand and speak the language when you need it

PM Common Terms-Download

Understand the terminology so you can use it confidently

Worksheet: Identify Your PM Experience

Highlight your PM experience for your job search

Mod 1-Survey Question

Course Feedback

Module 2: Confident Connecting

Why You Must Network

Why networking is critical for your career

How to Network with Confidence

Guidelines for Confident and Productive Networking

Perfect Questions for Successful Networking

Be prepared to get the most out of networking opportunities

Scripts: Cold Emails to People You Don't Know

Know exactly what to say to for confident connecting and networking

Networking Scripts: Requesting Connections

Know exactly how to request connections for more natural networking

Connect with Confidence: What To Do If Networking Intimidates You

Network and connect with confidence - even if it intimidates you

Resource: Track Your Networking Activities

Track your networking activities

Module 2 Question 1 Feedback

Lesson Feedback

Module 2 Question 2

Assess your skills so far

Module 2 Question 3

Lesson Feedback

Module 3: Marketing "Brand You"

Tailor Your Experience to a Job Posting

Learn step-by-step exactly how to tailor your experience to the job you want

Summary Statement and Career Highlights That Grab Attention

Learn how to quickly get the hiring manager's attention with your resume

Resume Power Words

Learn how to boost the impact of your resume experience with these key words

How to Write a Cover Letter That Gets You Noticed

Learn how to write a cover letter that catches attention

Resume Template

Start strong with a great resume template

Quick Guide: Customize Your LinkedIn Profile url

Make your LinkedIn profile url look polished and professional for use on your resume

Module 3 Feedback Survey

Course feedback

Module 4: Excellent Interviews

Checklist for a Great Interview

What the top candidates do before, during, and after your interview for the best results possible.

Prepare for Behavioral Interview Questions - Worksheet included

Be ready with well crafted answers to behavioral interview questions

"So Tell Me About Yourself"

Give the perfect answer to the inevitable interview request, "Tell me about yourself."

What Not to Do In Your Job Interview

Make sure you're remembered for the right things. Learn what not do during your interview!

Project Professional Presence

Learn the behaviors to project confidence and poise for greater advantage against others you may be competing with.

Build Rapport in Your Job Interview

Learn 5 specific ways to quickly build trust and likability with your interviewers

Questions to Ask During Your Job Interview

Be ready with insightful questions during your interview

Write an Amazing Thank You Note

Templates, examples, and guidelines for exactly what to say to solidify your good impression, even after the interview is over

Module 4 Feedback Survey

Provide course feedback on what worked well and how it might be improved